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Great Gott, Tremont

This 59-acre island preserve off of MDI's Bass Harbor features gentle hiking trails, wildlife viewing opportunities, and pleasant coastal scenery.

Great Gott Northest Shore

Great Gott is great for:

  • Picnicking – Hang out along the shore for a picnic lunch and enjoy the sweeping views of Acadia National Park in the distance.
  • Hiking – Follow the trails along the shoreline on the preserve’s northeast side before heading inland along the western boundary to a town road.

How to get there

Access to the island requires a private boat. The closest mainland boat launch is in Bass Harbor on Mount Desert Island. The island’s public dock, located in the small harbor on the western side in Bernard, is accessible three hours before and three hours after high tide. Boats can also land on or anchor off the beach on the preserve’s eastern side.

Get directions from Google Maps Printable Preserve Map

For a complete map with legend and guidelines, click on the Printable Preserve Map above.

Famous local resident

Great Gott Island was made famous by native daughter Ruth Moore (1903-89), author of many novels, including The Weir, Spoonhandle, and Speak to the Winds.

Notes on topography, flora & fauna

The preserve is located on the northeastern corner of Great Gott and lies due south of the Bass Harbor Lighthouse near the entrance to scenic Blue Hill Bay. Predominantly forested with conifers, the preserve’s shoreline consists of granite ledge, cobble/sand beaches and mudflats.

How this place became open to the public

Located in the town of Tremont on Great Gott Island, this 59-acre preserve was donated to MCHT in 1992.

This place belongs to all of us. Help us take care of it!

Preserve information/guidelines

  • No Camping Permitted
  • No Fires Permitted
  • Foot Traffic Only
    • Trails Are Not Suitable for Wheeled Vehicles
    • Carry Out All Trash
    • Including Human and Pet Waste and Toilet Paper
    • Keep Pets Under Control
    • Please Respect the Privacy of Preserve Neighbors
    • Do Not Remove Archaeological Artifacts