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Welcome MCHT preserve visitors!

We’re so glad you’re here—thank you visiting an MCHT preserve and for your interest in the work we do. There are so many ways you can get involved and support our mission!1-Photo_1080295497_DJI_73_jpg_16456426_0_2022625240_photo_original.jpg-Edit-hero

A great place to start is by becoming a donor! If you're not already one, make a gift and join us today. We'll make the most of every dollar you give.

Other ways to get involved

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Become a volunteer land steward! Stewarding conserved lands is a team effort, and your help makes all the difference.

Attend an event

We can’t wait to see you out on the coast for community gatherings, group hikes, nature walks, and more. We also offer virtual events throughout the year.

Our work

Climate Cousins River Photo David Square

Doing something about climate change on the coast

To address climate change, MCHT is leading state-wide initiatives to protect and restore salt marshes and coastal rivers. These efforts are key to maximizing the coast's natural resilience and minimizing damage to people, plants, and animals.

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Creating more access to the coast—free and open to all!

To create more access to the coast MCHT is conserving dozens of places annually to hike, launch a boat, access clam flats, walk the dog, play in tidepools, and so much more. See an example.

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Protecting Maine’s plants and animals

We’re about creating connected habitats so plants and animals can move freely to find food. We’re also sustaining the coast's biodiversity through thoughtful land stewardship.

Community Amanda Moeser

Supporting communities up and down the coast

We’re listening, learning, and partnering with coastal communities to protect the places and experiences that matter to peoples lives and livelihoods. We’re working to find creative solutions to problems like limited or unsafe coastal access, food insecurities, and declining fisheries. Hear from oyster farmer Amanda Moeser.

Other preserves

Learn about other preserves to visit along the coast of Maine