The 5 best places to hang a hammock

After long busy days working at Scarborough Land Trust, it’s important to find time to rest and relax while still enjoying the outdoors. Within my first week of working with SLT, I began to notice some excellent places to hang my hammock. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite places I’ve found so far!

1. Broadturn Farm hammock 1

Broadturn Farm is one of our least populated preserves. But when I explored a short way down the trail for a property audit, I found a gorgeous cascade. When I first spotted this area, I was determined to come back and see if it was a good hammocking spot, and it definitely was. I was able to listen to the roaring brook while I sat down and ate some lunch.

2. Just further down the (unofficial) river pathhammock2

When I walked a little further down the (unofficial) river path at Broadturn Farm a calmer river that meanders around lots of sand banks, bends, and trees began to emerge. At the end of this path there is a nice grassy area where I was able to hang my hammock over the river. This is one of the most secluded spots I have found so far as no one seems to travel this far down the path, so there is no one around except the birds and the bugs. I set up here for a bit and wondered if I would see any fish swimming below (I did not).

3. Fuller FarmHammock 3

Fuller Farm has one of the best waterfalls of all our preserves. This is one of our most popular trails. I can almost always find friends along the path. This was a great spot for hammocking, listening to the flowing waterfall, and watching people. When I sat there, I was greeted by two friendly golden retrievers after they had taken a well-deserved swim in the water on a particularly warm day.

4. Sewell Woods Hammock 4

As you may be able to tell by now, I’m a big fan of hammocking by the river. But Sewell Woods is one of my favorite locations with a forested area with plenty of trees to choose from, big enough to hold up a hammock with ease. This was the first location I spotted at SLT and the combination of secluded forest, singing hermit thrushes, and ample shade made it the perfect hammocking area. I was able to carefully step off the trail and find the perfect spot where my hammock wasn’t in the way but still in the middle of the beautiful woods.

5. Blue Point PreserveHammock 5
Blue Point Preserve is located right next to the Scarborough Marsh, and luckily it provides amazing views. A small lookout point along the trail hammocking spot provided the perfect place to post up! From there I spotted unique wildlife like egrets, herons, glossy ibis, muskrats, and even a mink! One time while we were observing the property and a deer ran right through the marsh!

There you have it! Hope you get out and find a place to hang—the Maine coast is full of places to choose from.

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