Maine Beer Company Announces Little Whaleboat Island Beer

Thirsty anyone? Maine Beer Company has just announced the newest beer in their lineup: Little Whaleboat Island IPA.

In August, Maine Beer Company pledged $50,000 to the effort to protect Little Whaleboat Island West, Nate, and Tuck islands in Casco Bay and keep them open to the public forever.

“These islands are real treasures,” Maine Beer Company co-owner Daniel Kleban says. “It’s easy to forget how fortunate we are in Maine to have places like this that are just so close to shore and yet feel totally remote and so peaceful. It takes effort from organizations and people who are in a position to help to conserve places like this.”

Now, they’re taking their commitment to conservation that much further by brewing a beer in honor of this incredible island and the effort to protect it.

This beer is also a celebration of our ongoing work to protect Maine’s coastline for people and for wildlife. “Maine Beer Company has been a tremendous partner for years as we work to keep the coast open for all,” says Associate Director of Marketing and Community Relations Kristen Eaton. “This beer is such an honor, and we’re so excited to continue working with them to spread the word⁠—not only the Little Whaleboat Island project but our efforts up and down the coast.”

The beer will be available in their Freeport tasting room starting on November 8 and there are plans for regional and national distribution in 2022. (Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more info!)

“We are so grateful for the tremendous amount of community support Little Whaleboat Island has seen, not only from Maine Beer Company, but from Paul’s Marina in Brunswick and a host of other supporters from across the state,” said David Warren, Planned Giving and Major Gifts Officer at Maine Coast Heritage Trust. 

We have until December 31, 2021 to raise the remaining $260,000 to make sure these islands are forever protected and open to the public. 

Join Maine Beer Company and hundreds of others and make your gift to this project today.



Maine Beer Company and Little Whaleboat Island in the News!

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