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Tides of Change at Maine Beer Company

An evening connecting conservation and climate change



We want everyone to be able to attend this event and don’t want the $100 ticket price to be a barrier. We’re excited to offer a limited number of tickets at $25 and $50. Choose the price that’s right for you and join us for Tides of Change!

You’re invited to join us for a one-of-a-kind, interactive fundraiser at Maine Beer Company in Freeport to learn more about the role land conservation plays in a changing climate and how you can help make a difference for the place you love.

Did you know that land conservation is one of the most effective ways to reduce the negative impacts of climate change? And building resilience to climate change is one of Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s top priorities.

Focusing on where we can make the greatest impact for the Maine coast, MCHT is working with partners on conservation initiatives to:

  • Safeguard salt marshes and forests storing CO2
  • Connect lands and waters, giving Maine’s wildlife a better shot at survival
  • Protect places that limit damage to community infrastructure (and minimize related costs)
  • Advance sustainable agricultural practices and food systems

The Experience

Maine Beer Company is generously donating the entire tasting room for the evening. The space will be transformed to show you first-hand how land conservation is making the coast more resilient while expanding access to Maine’s outdoors.


Featuring a brief keynote address from dynamic speakers who emphasize the impact of climate change on Maine’s environment and the opportunity to address it through effective land conservation.

Art is a Driver of Change

Art created by Maine College of Art and Design (MECAD) students and inspired by climate change concepts will be on display. Artists will be available to talk with attendees about their work.

The Video Den

Looping video will be shown in The Little Whaleboat Room highlighting MCHT’s climate work including “A Watershed Moment,” an award-winning film produced in partnership with Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries about Maine’s first watershed fully restored for fish passage.

Experience the Coast Raffle

Raffle drawings for an exciting variety of experiences plus outdoor equipment and swag to fuel your next Maine adventure, including weekends at MCHT’s wilderness and remote island cabins, a private guided nature walk for ten with Nature Bummin’ blogger Kirk Gentalen, kayak trips, behind-the-scenes experiences in land conservation for you and your family, and so much more.

Local Flavors

Your all-inclusive ticket includes Maine Beer Company craft beer, signature cocktails, tasty non-alcoholic beverages, and delicious locally sourced oysters and hors d’oeuvres.


It’s a party! Creative cocktail attire encouraged.


Event ticket: $100
Ticket price includes Maine Beer Company beer, our signature cocktail, locally sourced oysters, and hors d’oeuvres. Thank you for joining us and supporting the effort to make the coast more resilient to climate change.

We want you here and we don’t want cost to be a barrier! Thanks to the generous support of Big Tree Catering, we have a limited number of tickets available at $25 and $50. Choose the price that’s right for you and we’ll see you at Tides of Change! 

Sponsor Tides of Change

Raise your brand profile while raising awareness about the connection between land conservation and climate change with a corporate sponsorship. Connect your business to the dynamic community of young Mainers who are passionate about making the Maine coast more resilient to climate change. Learn more.

Join the Host Committee

Show your support for this event and help raise awareness about the connection between land conservation and climate change with your friends and family. Learn more. 


Tides of Change Host Committee

Courtney Bassett, Christina and Stan Berkow, Carinne Burns and Peter Bouman, Renee and Scott Bowie, Emily Drain Bruce, Kate Olson and Matt Cheney, Chelsea and Noah DeLorme, Chrissy Hart, Ann and Andrew Hayes, Alex Herold, Gwendolyn and David Hulit, Camie Barrow and David Huntress, Shannon Richards and Caleb Johnson, Jessica and Rory Kelly, Zoe Reich and Paul Margarites, Trisha Mason, Allison and Ned Merrick, Desi Van Til and Sean Mewshaw, Kaili and Edward Moore, Andrea and Todd Patstone, Darcy and Matthew Poor, Lauren and Keith Rosenberg, Jessica Goodman and Nathan Ross, Andy Roth-Wells, Alice and Sam Spencer, Yemaya and Lucas St. Clair, Brianna Keefe Oates and Jesse Thomas, Nova and Nathan Tower, Ben Twining.

Thank you to our Sponsors:


Maine Beer Company 200

The Ambassador level underwrites our Pay What You Can tickets. Thank you!

Big Tree Catering

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