The Schoodic to Schoodic Initiative

Along the Maine coast there are few places left where wildlife can roam to and from rocky shores and inland woods seeking food and refuge.

One of those places is a stretch of land from Schoodic Mountain to the Schoodic Peninsula, where Maine Coast Heritage Trust is working to create a permanent wildlife corridor.

MCHT has been working in partnership with Frenchman Bay Conservancy over the past three decades to conserve key “stepping stones” of land between Donnell Pond Unit (state-conserved land surrounding Schoodic Mountain and Tunk Lake) and the Schoodic District of Acadia National Park (on the Schoodic Peninsula). Together with donors and landowners we are working to ensure that there will always be wild places where birds and animals can roam.

MCHT has helped conserve more than 30,000 acres between “Schoodic and Schoodic,” saving habitat for all kinds of mammals and birds. Still, the corridor is not sufficiently protected, and critical lands are under threat of development.

MCHT is working with partners and landowners to identify and conserve key tracts of land. We currently have several projects underway. 

Map of Schoodic to Schoodic Initiative progress as of 2018.

Key Components of the Initiative

Habitat Protection and Connectivity

The Schoodic to Schoodic corridor includes one of the largest blocks of minimally fragmented wildlife habitat left in Maine’s coastal zone. Interconnected streams, wetlands, and large blocks of upland forest allow wide-ranging mammals, wading birds, and waterfowl to move unimpeded through various habitats.

Scenic Resources

Protection of scenic resources throughout the Schoodic corridor and adjacent to Acadia National Park holdings is a priority of our conservation efforts.

Recreation and Access

MCHT is working to develop outdoor recreational opportunities such as hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and paddling.

Community and Land Use

Members of the MCHT staff are working with conservation partners on a community engagement plan to engage municipal and local leaders and to identify specific projects and goals that will address other community needs.

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