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The Aldermere & Erickson Campaign

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Maine Coast Heritage Trust is working to raise $4.4 million to enhance these community preserves and working farms to foster greater connections between people, the food we eat, and the land that sustains us all

What's the campaign all about? Watch this short video to learn more!

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As Maine Coast Heritage Trust preserves, Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields have become life-changing community gathering and learning places for the greater Camden-Rockport area.

Through these exceptional preserves and the generosity of donors, we’re connecting thousands of people to the outdoors, feeding our community, educating youth, supporting fellow farms, and demonstrating sustainable farming practices.

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But we could do so much more. Aldermere Farm was originally designed as a private working farm, not a public preserve, and maintaining and growing both agricultural preserves as community resources comes with a cost.


What your donation will make possible:

A new barn and visitor center at Aldermere Farm

This new structure will increase operational safety and efficiency for staff, support youth programs, serve as a demonstration facility for other farmers, and allow us to welcome more visitors to learn about the farm and MCHT’s coast-wide work. This wheel-chair accessible and solar-ready structure will open to the main barn, with a balcony to look out over day-to-day activities at the farm.

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A facility to house breeding bulls at Aldermere Farm

This new structure will keep cattle safe and facilitate sharing services and equipment with other farms.

A shelter in the pasture on the north end of the property at Aldermere Farm

This new structure will prevent over-grazing of the farm’s pastures.

An open-air barn in the garden at Erickson Fields

This structure will replace a temporary tarp building (now ten years old) and allow staff to keep equipment on site⁠—freeing up time for programming, gardening, and food distribution.

New roadside barns at Erickson Fields

The current roadside barns will be redesigned/rebuilt to allow staff and program participants to wash, pack and distribute produce more safely and efficiently, and enhance food security efforts. The current roadside barns are 75+-year-old farm outbuildings originally built for livestock.

New and improved signage at both preserves

Engaging signage will educate visitors on a wide variety of topics such as sustainable farming, history of the land, invasive plant management, and the myriad benefits of land conservation.

Trail upgrades at both preserves

More accessible trail options will open  outdoor experiences to visitors of all abilities.

Essential new equipment

A truck and tractor will drastically increase efficiency and impact at both preserves.

Investment in the endowment

Investments in the endowment for these preserves will ensure there is funding to maintain these essential infrastructure updates.

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Have unanswered questions? Check out our FAQ page to learn more.

Your gift today will bring us closer to a successful campaign, extending the reach and impact of Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields and ensuring future generations stay connected to the land, our rich farming heritage, and one another.

Thank you for your generosity!

For more information, please contact:

David Warren
Planned Giving and Major Gifts Officer


Nicky Blanchard
Director of Engagement


Or check out our FAQ page