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Stephanie Rogers

Human Resources Manager

Department: Finance and Administration
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Born and raised in Maine, Stephanie still marvels at the beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities the state has to offer, especially the spaces along the coastline.  When joining Maine Coast Heritage Trust she brought with her over 25 years of combined payroll, finance and HR experience, her most recent being the HR department at Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers for 11 years.

Stephanie has been with MCHT since 2016.

On land conservation: “I grew up on the banks of the Royal River, at the end of dirt road in a small Maine rural town.  Throughout our childhood, my sister and I explored the woods along that river never worrying about the possibility of losing access.  That spot on the river is still there but due to development, our favorite trail to the waterfall ‘outback’ is impassable. So, MCHT’s mission to keep the Maine coast open, healthy, working, and beautiful gives me hope.  It is very gratifying to be at an organization that makes my work purposeful.”

On the job: Stephanie handles all things HR by overseeing talent recruitment, administering compensation and benefits, employee relations, organizational policies, and employment law and compliance.  And, once in a while, she can be found on an island preserve helping a steward with some trail cleanup.

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