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Alan Hummer, Brunswick

Alan Hummer of Brunswick recalls childhood explorations on The Goslings, two islands in upper Casco Bay that are small in scale but vast in their appeal. By the time Alan was in high school, he was camping there with friends—enjoying snorkeling and water skiing. When Alan had a family of his own, his children were on The Goslings as infants. “Those were their first beaches,” he says. It later became a primary destination for family traditions like lobster bakes and celebrations: “that’s our favorite spot to watch Fourth of July fireworks,” he adds.

“We always knew it was privately owned, and couldn’t help but be concerned—knowing what can happen with generational changes,” Alan reflects. “We’re glad the owners are giving Maine Coast Heritage Trust first dibs in selling their land, and I’m happy to do my part by making my first-ever donation to MCHT. On any Sunday afternoon there, you’ll see boats from Portland to Mere Point. There are even cruisers from Massachusetts. I hope they’ll all contribute.”

If enough people support MCHT’s purchase of The Goslings, it will remain a treasured destination where families can enjoy beachcombing, birdwatching and shared memories. That is Alan’s hope: that “my kids’ kids will get to do the same thing.”