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Matthews Island


The 14-acre Matthews Island Preserve is located in eastern Cobscook Bay. Connected to the mainland from low tide to mid tide, the island rises steeply from the shoreline on all sides and is surrounded by vast mudflats. Matthews Island also features 4,100 feet of saltwater frontage, a bald eagle nest site, and is highly visible to motorists heading south into the city of Eastport.

There is a long history of human activity on the island. Captain Charles Matthews purchased the island in 1798 and raised his eight children there. The Captain called it home until his death in 1849. Decades ago, the island was mostly open and served as a favorite destination for berry picking. MCHT acquired the preserve in 2012.

Matthews Island is available to the public for low-impact outdoor recreation and shellfish and other marine resource harvesting during daylight hours. In addition to attracting bald eagles, the habitat on and around the island is popular with sandpipers, plovers, and other migratory shorebirds. Please view all wildlife from a distance and stay clear of the eagle nest on the island’s north end from March 1 to August 30.

From the parking area, follow the right of way 0.3 mile through private property to the water’s edge. Matthews Island is only accessible for 2.5 hours on either side of low tide (do not attempt to cross if water is moving over the bar). Once on the island, a quarter mile trail leads across the preserve, allowing visitors to look for birds and other wildlife.

How to Get There

Matthews Island may be accessed via a right-of-way that begins at the end of Deep Cove Road. The right of way leads over a bar to the island (exposed at low to mid tides). From the intersection of Route 1 and Route 190 in Perry, take Route 190 for approximately 5.5 miles into Eastport. Turn right on Deep Cove Road and continue 1.6 miles. Park at the end of the tar road on the right. Follow the gravel drive 0.2 mile to the footpath that leads through the field to the exposed bar. Please respect the privacy of the landowners and stay on the path.

Due to the extreme tidal fluctuation in Cobscook Bay, use caution. When the tide comes in the currents can be very swift and dangerous – even in shallow water. Access to Matthews Island is also possible from the water, with the ideal landing spot on the southern side of the bar between Matthews and Sumac islands.

Preserve information/guidelines

  • No Camping Permitted
  • Fires By Permit Only - Maine State Law
    • Contact Maine Forest Service at 1-800-750-9777 for permit
    • Keep All Fires Below High Tide Line – Do Not Build Fire Rings
    • Do Not Cut or Break Tree Limbs, Dead or Alive
    • Leave No Fire Unattended
    • Completely Extinguish All Fires
  • Foot Traffic Only – Preserve is Not Suitable for Wheeled Vehicles
  • Carry Out All Trash
    • Including Human and Pet Waste and Toilet Paper
  • Dogs are not permitted
  • Please Respect the Privacy of Preserve Neighbors and stay on the 20 foot right of way.
  • From March 1 to August 30, please stay away from the north side of the island because of nesting eagles.
  • Do Not Remove Archaeological Artifacts

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