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Battle Island

Battle Island

Two acre Battle Island rises from the Bagaduce River in the town of Penobscot in Hancock County. Aside from its steep embankments, the island is almost entirely flat. Red oak, white pine, and red spruce are the dominant tree species. During low tide, the island is connected to the mainland and MCHT’s Till’s Point Preserve across mudflats. 

Battle Island is currently listed on the Maine Island Trail and the Maine Island Trail Association was a contributing partner in the protection of this island. Battle Island is open to the general public for daytime and overnight use at the designated campsite. The island provides a good vantage point from which to enjoy the Bagaduce River. Bald eagles, osprey, harbor seals, and other marine life are frequent visitors to the island and surrounding landscape.

Preserve information/guidelines

  • Camp At Established Campsite 
    • Limit Stay to 2 Nights
    • Groups of 6 or More and Commercial Users by Permission Only. Please call 207-729-7366.
  • No Fires Permitted
  • Carry Out All Trash
    • Including Human and Pet Waste and Toilet Paper
  • Keep Pets Under Control

How to Get There

Although Battle Island is very close to shore, access is best via boat, as the mudflats around the island would make for difficult wading. The nearest public boat launch is just under two miles further upstream at the village of Penobscot in Winslow Cove. The ramp is paved, and useable at all but low tide. There is vehicle parking at the launch, though it is not well defined.