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Maine Heritage

Summer 2021 - Coast-wide Edition

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We’re now fundraising to protect Little Whaleboat Island, which has an excellent anchorage and several small beaches. It’s a great destination for people exploring Casco Bay.

From the President

On the Mission

While serving as MCHT’s president over the past ten years, I’ve seen this organization adapt and stretch in remarkable and necessary ways to remain true to its mission.

We’ve also weathered tremendous challenges, which is not in and of itself an accomplishment, but rather an indicator of the organization’s strength, agility, and competence over the long haul.

Thanks to you and others who support MCHT year after year, we have capacities today that we didn’t dream about 50 years ago.

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Featured Stories

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How About Another Great Casco Bay Island Preserve?

Little Whaleboat Island’s longtime owners must sell, and public access to three Casco Bay islands is in jeopardy.

Now, MCHT is fundraising to permanently conserve the islands—to ensure people will always be able to visit and have “soul-igniting” experiences here.

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$40 Million for Land Conservation in Maine

In July, both houses of the Maine legislature voted overwhelmingly to approve a two-year state budget that includes $40 million for the Land for Maine’s Future Program, the state’s preeminent land conservation program

With the Governor’s signature it will become law today, providing new funds for the program for the first time since 2012. Over the next four years LMF can once again spend up to $10 million annually.

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In My Words

Ann and David Ingram, MCHT donors

“We’re both directly involved with nonprofits, so we know what good governance looks like. MCHT isn’t just giving lip service to its mission—they’re actively pursuing it. We’ve set up a special fund to help preserve accessibility and provide for ongoing stewardship of MCHT’s lands and programs.”

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This year, we’ve said a final goodbye with regret to two old friends, Dianna Emory and Charlie Dodge, who played leadership roles in Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s story for many decades.

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In Brief

Name that MCHT Preserve

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Some hints…

This land was previously a cattle farm.

It offers two miles of shore frontage on the New Meadows River.

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Thanks to our Donors

Everything you read about here is possible thanks to MCHT donors and supporters. Thank you for all you do for the Maine coast.

Have you made your gift to MCHT? If not, give today, and keep up the good work for the coast.