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Maine Heritage

Summer 2020 - Midcoast Edition

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Photo from Clark Island, copyright Amanda Kowalski

From the President

Paying Attention

Lately I’ve been meeting with other presidents and executive directors from land trusts across the country. From California, Iowa, Florida, and Maine we gather in that now all-too familiar grid on a screen and share what’s been going on, and how each of our organizations is responding to the health crisis upending life in America and across the world.

Confusion, uncertainty, grief—it’s all there. But each time we meet, hope, admiration, and inspiration are the feelings I come away with. The land trust community across the state of Maine and across this country is as strong and committed as ever. To the people each trust serves, and to one another, the question I hear asked over and over again is, “How can we be of service?”

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Featured Stories

Life at Aldermere Farm During COVID-19

Aldermere Farm’s General Manager Heidi Baker offers her thoughts and a peek into life on the Farm during COVID-19.

Programs are on hold for now, and the barnyard and offices are closed to visitors… But at least in one way this spring was no different from any other: baby Belties arrived!

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Decades of Conservation Connects Beech Hill and Erickson Fields Preserves

A look back at the story of the conservation of Beech Hill Preserve, Erickson Fields Preserve, and the collaborative effort to connect them.

Plus, MCHT Public Policy Manager Jeff Romano takes to the trail and reports back.

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My Favorite Preserve – Monroe Island

By Dave Waddell

“There’s just so much varied and interesting terrain packed into its 225 magical acres and I feel so incredibly lucky to have such close and convenient access to this wonderful slice of seclusion.

I am so thankful to the Maine Coast Heritage Trust for preserving and protecting this very special island for all of us to enjoy.”

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In Brief

Thanks to our Donors

Everything you read about here is possible thanks to MCHT donors and supporters. Thank you for all you do for the Maine coast.

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