Maine Heritage

Fall 2020 - Coast-wide Edition

Cousins from Brunswick and Freeport play on Whaleboat Island Preserve before enjoying their first overnight camping experience on an island.

From the President

Full of Hope for the Next 50 Years of MCHT

Nothing could have prepared any of us for 2020. At best, this year has been trying. At worst, devastating.

Personally, working for MCHT—working on behalf of this coast and the people who live, work, and play here—buoyed me.

At every turn, I was reminded of our work to create value: more public access to coastal lands, stronger coastal communities, and a coast more resilient—more adaptable—to climate change.”

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Featured Stories


MCHT Preserves See More Use Than Ever Before

People flocked to Maine’s conserved lands in 2020, including MCHT preserves.

The increased visitation was welcome—more people were out enjoying the coast!—and also presented an array of challenges and opportunities for our stewardship staff.

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Clark Island is Conserved, Stewardship Efforts Underway

As of July of 2020, 120 acres of St. George’s Clark Island now make up a public preserve!

Stewardship staff is hard at work improving the visitor experience and the ecological integrity of the land.

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In My Words

Nova Tower, Next Wave Co-Chair

“I love hanging out with other Next Wavers at events like the Shindig, but that’s not what pulls me deeper into the organization.

Rather, it’s the work we do at MCHT. Every meeting I attend, I come away with more respect and admiration for the people and work of this organization.”

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In Brief

Name that MCHT Preserve


Some hints…

This island was once home to a mixed-race fishing community forcibly removed by the state in 1912.

In 2010, this island became part of the Maine Freedom Trail.

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