Maine Heritage - 2022

Midcoast Edition

Erickson apprentice Olivia Caron (left) and Aldermere apprentice Mimi Rebein (right) work together to build a curriculum for youth that expands their knowledge beyond just one farm.

From the President and CEO

Love of Place

My first six months at Maine Coast Heritage Trust have flown by, and I continue to be impressed and inspired by the dedication, expertise, and teamwork I see among my colleagues and within our broader network of partners and supporters.

At any given time, MCHT staff are working on dozens of projects around the state. Each one involves people from up and down the coast who represent a wide range of professional backgrounds, political persuasions, and life experiences, all coming together in support of a shared goal. Every day at MCHT, I witness this love of place for Maine and the collaboration that it engenders.

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Featured Stories

Birth of a New Era at Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields

Earlier this year, Maine Coast Heritage Trust kicked off the public phase of a campaign to raise at least $3 million for a barn and visitor center at Aldermere Farm and for additional new structures, equipment, and improvements at Aldermere Farm and nearby MCHT preserve Erickson Fields.

All of these updates are critical to making these public preserves in Rockport safer, more efficient, and more inclusive for the decades to come.

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Nature Bummin’ with Kirk Gentalen

Every month, Midcoast land steward Kirk Gentalen shares a story about what he’s been seeing in and around his back yard and on the job for Maine Coast Heritage Trust. He photographs and writes about everything from otters to flowers to mushrooms to birds, packing facts and laughs together in a column that’s truly one of a kind.

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In Memoriam

Peter P. Blanchard III, 1951 – 2022

“He was a quiet but persistent advocate for stewardship worthy of the land he was helping to protect. His generosity, his gentleness, and his sense of humor made him a wonderful conservation partner. HIs impact on the coast was profound and will continue to inspire those of us who were lucky enough to work alongside him.”

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In Brief

In My Words

Zhenya Mikha, Teen Ag Crew Alum

Zhenya Mikha started participating in Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s Teen Ag Program at Erickson Fields Preserve in Rockport in the summer of 2020, became a Leader in the program in 2021 and in the spring of 2022. She plans to attend college in Maine and study ecology and psychology.

What about conservation interests you?

So much land is depleting, and we’re losing an incredible amount of animals. Even thinking about all the species that have been depleted in my lifetime… it’s so sad. Plus, I’ve always been an animals nerd. I love my dog, and I also love learning about all kinds of animals—whale, rhinos, reptiles are really interesting.

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Name that MCHT Preserve

12 Monroe Islanddji 0042 Square

Some hints…

This island preserve is only half a mile from the Owls Head mainland.

At the northern tip of the island are the remains of a former US Naval range tower used to assess speeds of Navy ships.

Find the answer

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Thanks to our Donors

Everything you read about here is possible thanks to MCHT donors and supporters. Thank you for all you do for the Maine coast.

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Photo by Chris Cannella, Katherine Emery, Heidi Baker, MCHT photo, courtesy of Blanchard family, courtesy of Enock Glidden, courtesy of The Community School, MCHT photo, MCHT photo, copyright Ken Woisard