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© Paul Rezendes

As Maine's largest year-round offshore island community located in the heart of Penobscot Bay, Vinalhaven has been the site of a long-standing collaboration between MCHT and the local Vinalhaven Land Trust.

Among the dozens of coves and inlets along the island's highly configured shoreline, two stand out as examples of MCHT's work with generous landowners and local partners to conserve special scenic places that are also havens to a rich variety of wildlife: the Basin on the island's western side, and Seal Bay/Winter Harbor on the eastern shore. In each of these sheltered coves, MCHT and VLT are working to conserve the "whole place," through ownership of key parcels and conservation easements on privately-owned family lands.

As part of these efforts, MCHT owns two preserves open to the public for hiking through the forest and along shore-side trails: the Basin Preserve; and the Huber Preserve on Seal Bay.