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Stories from the Coast


cute Blood in the Tracks - Nature Bummin’ with MCHT Steward Kirk Gentalen All dates mentioned in this post are based on personal observation and may change by days or even up to weeks depending on the year. It's nature, not everything is etched in stone.  Blood itself is a track. But we’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s start… Read More
D0D4F24E-F628-43B9-ABEA-3C9C56D9391F Farming with Climate Change in Mind - How we're utilizing regenerative farming practice to mitigate climate change impacts at our agricultural preserves in Rockport. Read More
default Land Conservation and Climate Change - MCHT has been engaging in “natural climate solutions” for over fifty years, which is a critical component of the multi-faceted approach we must take to slow the rate of climate change and mitigate its impacts. Read More

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“Me and the Seals”

Meet Amanda Moeser. Amanda is the owner/operator of Lanes Island Oysters—a small sustainably run oyster farm directly off the shores of MCHT’s Lanes Island Preserve in Yarmouth. Watch the video!


“Old Pond Marsh”

Meet Tatia Bauer, regional steward on Mount Desert Island and learn about the restoration work happening at Old Pond Marsh. Watch the video!

Artboard 12“Notes from the Coast”

We’re excited to share with you the first edition of “Notes from the Coast,” where we’ll delve into a particular topic area, share thoughts and questions we’re exploring at Maine Coast Heritage Trust, and celebrate the impact we’re able to achieve thanks to your support. Read more.


Seal Cove Pond

In 2017, we began working with the Town of Tremont, Acadia National Park, and other partners to improve fish passage at two key locations along Seal Cove Brook—one at the current dam at Seal Cove Pond and the second downstream at the site of a former dam. Read more.


Clover, Edith, Josephine, Sweet Ferns Maple Tapping copy

The Babson Creek Learning Forest

Join the effort to create a permanent outdoor education space on Mount Desert Island for schoolchildren and community members to foster a love of nature and a connection to place. Read more.



Ken Woisard Photography

The Marshes for Tomorrow Initiative

Did you know marshes are taking care of you? They’re absorbing carbon dioxide from the air you breathe and defending your home and community from damaging floods by absorbing storm surge. Read more.


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“A Watershed Moment”

Don’t miss this short film that follows the multi-year, multi-group effort to restore fish passage in the Bagaduce River Watershed. See it now.