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Marshes for Tomorrow Initiative

Marshes keep coastal waters clean and provide critical habitat for rare plants, migratory birds, and a wide range of fish and shellfish, including commercially important species coastal communities depend upon. Over the next 100 years, global sea level is projected to rise between one and two meters—potentially destroying some of our most productive ecosystems and coastal infrastructure. In the worst case scenario, we may lose all of Maine’s existing marshland and wipe out highly vulnerable species.

By protecting critical uplands now we can help marshes migrate and mitigate these negative impacts. You can help maintain healthy natural and vibrant human communities on our coast by supporting Maine Coast Heritage Trust in its Initiative to protect and care for priority marshes.

Let’s not wait until our marshes are gone to realize how much we depend upon them.

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Want to Learn More?

Areas of focus for MCHT’s Marshes for Tomorrow Initiative:

Strategic Marshland Conservation

Larger marshes with undeveloped upland buffers will likely be most resilient to sea level rise. Their protection is critical to sustaining Maine’s biodiversity and marine economy into the future. With your generous support, MCHT will significantly increase the pace of marshland protection in Maine.

Marsh Restoration

Dams and other tidal barriers hurt Maine’s marshes, depleting them of nutrients, altering patterns of sedimentation and erosion, and endangering fish and birds that rely on tidal marshes. Working cooperatively with willing land owners, MCHT will support state-wide efforts to prioritize and remove barriers, helping to restore Maine’s marshlands.


To date, MCHT has protected over 1,600 acres of marshland across the coast and has decades-worth of experience in habitat protection and invasive species management. We will further develop and refine stewardship practices to share with other coastal land trusts, environmental organizations, and local municipalities. Successful conservation will also protect important habitat for migratory shore birds, waterfowl, and wading birds.

Statewide Leadership

As the only state-wide land trust focusing on the whole coast, MCHT is uniquely positioned to lead the charge to protect Maine’s marshes. We will coordinate cross-organizational communication between research groups, local land trusts and conservation partners, educate and increase public awareness, and advocate for marshland protection in Augusta.