“Nature Connects”

Monthly conservation stories from people and organizations across the state


In Maine, we share a deep, abiding love for our woods, waters, and wildlife. These conservation stories from our towns and neighborhoods across the state remind us that together we can make a meaningful difference, in Maine and beyond.

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Investing in the Path Forward for Maine’s Trails | June 2024

Written by Peter Didisheim and Gabe Perkins

From mountain biking to birding, hiking, ATVing, cross country skiing, commuting, snowmobiling, or simply walking, trails connect Mainers with the outdoors. Read now

Running with the Alewives: A Spring Celebration of Maine’s “Diadromous Dozen” | May 2024  

Written by Charlie Foster  

Collaborative efforts to restore alewives have wide-ranging benefits for river ecosystems and the many other sea-run fish species that rely on them. Read now

Harnessing the ecological strength of Maine’s largest waterfall | April 2024  

Written by Steve Heinz  

Restoring natural river flow supports fisheries, aquatic habitat, and recreation, all of which are central to Maine’s economic growth and environmental values. Read now

Conserving Our Way to a Better Climate | March 2024  

Written by Kate Dempsey and Kate Stookey  

Wherever you live in Maine, people and organizations in your community are building partnerships and working to strengthen nature’s ability to make our state safer and more resilient. Read now