Third Thursdays – Previous Sessions

Thursday, May 20

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Work at MCHT

A conversation about MCHT’s commitment to integrating diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) into the work we do on the Maine coast.

Hosted by: MCHT Board member Micah Davis and Senior Project Manager Ciona Ulbrich

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Thursday, April 15

Land Stewardship at MCHT

Three land stewards give us a lively look at what it takes to prepare and care for MCHT’s preserves at different stages of development.  

Hosted by: MCHT Board member Joe Hammer and land stewards Caitlin Gerber, Caleb Jackson, and Deirdre Whitehead

Watch the presentation:

Thursday, March 18

Clamming on Sipp Bay in PerryMCHT’s Coastal Access Initiative

Get an insider look at how your support is enabling this major initiative to secure more coastal access for the public in 2021.  

Hosted by: MCHT Board member Ted Wendell, Senior Conservation and Community Planner Jeremy Gabrielson and Regional Steward Melissa Lee

Click to view the Powerpoint slides.

Thursday, February 18

2020-21: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Join Board of Directors Chairman Tom Armstrong and MCHT President Tim Glidden for give you a firsthand update on the year that was (and what a year!) and their thoughts on what 2021 has in store for conservation on the Maine coast.

Click to view the Powerpoint slides.

Listen to the presentation:


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