Conserving Your Land

Interested in conserving your land, but not sure where to get started?

We’re excited to share with you the updated (in September 2021) Conservation Options – A Guide for Maine Landowners (13 MB PDF). This lovely booklet, first published in 1994, is a wonderful resource for both landowners looking to explore options for conserving their land and land trusts working with landowners who are new to land conservation. Landowners may be pleasantly surprised to learn that many conservation methods offer tax advantages.

Thank you for your interest in conserving your land! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. We’re just an email or phone call (207-607-4576) away.

Conservation Options

“[In our family] there’s a multi-generational conviction that our increasingly frenetic and urbanized world needs to remain connected to nature and each of us needs to help protect it.” – MCHT land donors