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Third Thursdays—Previous Sessions

Bringing the Maine coast to you

Enjoy this archive of our previous Third Thursday presentations, offered on Zoom throughout the year. Whether it’s access to the water, building resilience to climate change, working with your community leaders, or supporting your local land trust—there’s so much to talk about!

The Maine Land Trust Program at MCHT

Thursday, November 9, 2023

MCHT runs the Land Trust Program, dedicated to strengthening all of Maine’s land trusts. A win for one land trust is a win for us all! You’ll get to meet the new Director of the Land Trust Program and learn about the Maine Land Trust Network, the annual Maine Land Conservation Conference, funding opportunities distributed through the program, and more. As always, there will be plenty of time for your questions.

Presented by: Angela Twitchell, Land Trust Program Director and Donna Bissett, Land Trust Program Coordinator.

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Community Programming at Aldermere Farm: the Power of 4-H

Thursday, October 19, 2023

This Third Thursday is devoted to the robust 4-H program at Aldermere Farm in Rockport – a unique MCHT preserve! We’ll hear from the UMaine Cooperative Extension about this great program that benefits kids 9-18; Elizabeth Eaton, an Aldermere Achievers 4-H alumna, will share her 9 years of experience and stories; and we’ll include an update on the Aldermere and Erickson Campaign to fund infrastructure needs to support the community programs at these unique farm preserves.

Presented by: Cindy Rogers, 4-H Community Education Assistant, University of Maine Cooperative Extension; Elizabeth Eaton, Aldermere 4-H alumna; Aaron Englander, MCHT Associate Director of Farm Preserves.

Photo: Karin Leuthy

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An Update from Augusta: Conservation News in the Legislature

Presented September 21, 2023

As part of MCHT’s Maine Land Trust Program, Senior Public Policy Manager Jeff Romano advocates for policies that further our land conservation efforts along Maine’s coast and legislation that supports the inspiring work of all land trusts throughout the state. Join us for a recap of the conservation issues being debated in the Maine legislature this year. With a conservation partner, Jeff will summarize the legislative session, provide some behind-the-scenes details, and answer your questions.

Presented by Jeff Romano, Senior Public Policy Manager. Hosted by Angela Twitchell, Land Trust Program Director at MCHT.

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Habitat restoration on the NarraguagusThe Rivers Initiative and Habitat Restoration on the Narraguagus River

Presented June 15, 2023

MCHT’s Rivers Initiative is a coast-wide revitalization effort protecting land along priority rivers, supporting collaborative restoration efforts, creating recreational and economic opportunities, and bringing more life back to the Gulf of Maine. In this Third Thursday presentation, we’ll give you an inside look at the current work happening along the Narraguagus River to restore this vital fish habitat.

Presented by MCHT Project Manager Jacob van de Sande and Chris Federico, Executive Director and Habitat Restoration Manager for Project SHARE. Hosted by MCHT board member Camie Barrow.

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Historic photo-Malaga family squareThe History of Malaga Island

Presented May 18, 2023

Maine State Archivist Kate McBrien joins us for close look at the history of the Phippsburg island that was home to a mixed-race fishing community from the mid-1800s to 1912. That changed when the state of Maine forcibly evicted the residents for reasons of racism and the perceived negative effects on the growing tourism trade in the area. Join us for an in-depth presentation about the people who lived here and what happened to them.

Presented by Maine State Archivist Kate McBrien and MCHT Southern Maine Outreach Manager, Maggie Cozens.

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Owls Head Harbor parkOwls Head Harbor: A Little Bit of Access Makes a Big Difference

Presented April 20, 2023

Beginning with the donation of a small waterfront parcel, Maine Coast Heritage Trust staff worked with the Midcoast town of Owls Head over four years to create a waterfront park owned and managed by the town with hand-carry access for small boats and a parking lot to ensure that this picture-perfect harbor has public access forever.

Presented by: Jeremy Gabrielson, MCHT Senior Conservation and Community Planner, and Amanda Devine, MCHT Regional Steward Manager.

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mcht-2-19442124_10155180819910310_8164464621134254006_o_101551808199103102022 Conservation Highlights and a Look Ahead at 2023

Presented March 16, 2023

Join us to hear why 2022 was such a great year for the Maine coast. You’ll learn about the broad range of MCHT’s conservation work that encompasses habitat and marsh restoration; making the coast more resilient to climate change; expanding community access; and providing leadership and support for Maine’s local land trusts.

Presented by: MCHT President and CEO Kate Stookey and Director of Land Protection Betsy Ham.

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square Sipp Bay kayak smA Paddler’s Paradise: MCHT Preserves for Kayakers

Presented Nov. 17, 2022

Three of our regional staff members guide you on a virtual trip down the coast to visit many of MCHT’s paddle-friendly preserves. Get tips on campsites for an island overnight or nearby destinations for a perfect day trip. There’s something here for everyone – inspiring scenery guaranteed for non-paddlers too!

Presented by: MCHT Regional Land Stewards Amanda Devine and Kyle Winslow, and Project Manager Bob DeForrest.

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Harvest Time: Addressing Food Insecurity at Erickson Fields

Presented on Thursday, October 20, 2022

Last year, MCHT staff and volunteers grew 23,235 pounds of produce at Erickson Fields Preserve. Wow. Almost all of it was donated to local hunger relief organizations. High school students, local families, health educators, and so many more are part of this effort every year. Get ready to be inspired!

Presented by: Aaron Englander, Erickson Fields Program Manager; Joelle Albury, Outreach Manager at Erickson Fields & Aldermere Farm; Deidre Dority, Community Wellness Program at Pen Bay Medical Center

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Climate Change & Coastal Resiliency: It’s Happening in Your Own Backyard

Presented on Thursday, September 15, 2022

Climate change, sea-level rise, marsh migration… there’s a lot to know! Join us for a close-up look at the Maine coast and the work MCHT is doing right now to make the coast more resilient for the future.

Presented by: Jeremy Gabrielson, Senior Conservation & Community Planner 

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Alewives (1)

Welcoming the Alewives Home: Unusual Partners Join Together on the Bagaduce River

Presented on June 16, 2022

These tiny fish inspired a group of passionate individuals, three Maine towns, and several organizations to work together to restore fish passage in the Bagaduce River watershed. The happy ending? This important species can now return to its traditional spawning grounds on the Bagaduce. This is a great story!

Presented by: Ciona Ulbrich, MCHT Project Manager and Mike Thalhauser, Collaborative Management Specialist, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

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Aldermere Farm

MOO! Behind the Scenes at Aldermere Farm

Presented on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Learn about this beloved Rockport landmark, the Belted Galloway cattle who call it home, and the wealth of community programming that happens on this beautiful farm. And pssst: some members of the herd make a special appearance!

Presented by: Heidi Baker, Aldermere Farm General Manager; the Aldermere staff; and several cows.

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Conservation Successes in 2021: The Year of the Island!

Presented on Thursday, April 21, 2022

Meet Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s new president and CEO, Kate Stookey. She kicks off our Third Thursday series with an inspiring look at the work accomplished for the coast in 2021. Highlights include seven amazing islands along with some incredible mainland properties. You’ll get a personal update on the work our land stewards have done to ready these properties for the public while carefully caring for the land.

Hosted by: Tom Armstrong, Chair, MCHT Board of Directors and Kate Stookey, MCHT President and CEO

Presented by: Betsy Ham, Director of Land Protection; Jane Arbuckle, Director of Stewardship

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