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Salt Marsh Restoration on the Coast of Maine: Background and MDI Project Updates

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Join MCHT Steward, Tatia Bauer, at the Southwest Harbor Public Library for a talk about salt marsh restoration on the coast of Maine and updates on local MDI restoration projects.

Salt marshes along the east coast have been drastically altered by agricultural practices dating back as early as the 18th century. These alterations, including tide-blocking embankments, and peat-draining ditches are impairing the essential functions of salt marshes today. Salt marshes play an important role for wildlife, human communities, and the coast facing rising seas. Restoration practices have been developed to remediate the impacts of this agricultural infrastructure, restore proper hydrology to a site, and allow plants to thrive.

This presentation will discuss the historical and ecological background of alterations to salt marshes, and the solutions being employed by conservation groups up and down the east coast. It will also highlight two salt marsh restoration projects set to occur on MDI.

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Event Location

Southwest Harbor Public Library, 338 Main Street, SW Harbor, Maine