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Salt Marsh Restoration on the Coast of Maine: Background and MDI Project Updates

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Join Regional Stewardship Manager, Tatia Bauer, at Stone Barn Farm to learn about the basic ecology of salt marshes, how historical land use shaped the degrading marshes we see today, and why marsh restoration is an emerging strategy for coastal resiliency.

Salt marshes along the east coast have been drastically altered by agricultural practices dating back to as early as the 17th century. These alterations, including tide-blocking embankments, and peat-draining ditches, are impairing the essential functions of salt marshes. These ecosystems play an important role for wildlife, human communities, and the coast facing rising seas. Restoration practices have been developed to remediate the impacts of this agricultural infrastructure, restore proper hydrology to a site, and allow plants to thrive which in turn improves the ecosystem services that marshes provide and their resiliency to a changing coast.

Tatia will highlight two salt marsh restoration projects planned on MDI and speak to the state-wide collaboration happening between conservation groups to restore marshes on a significant scale.

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Please park in the preserve parking lot, 400ft west of the barn, off of the Crooked Rd.

Event Location

Stone Barn Farm, 487 Crooked Road, Bar Harbor, ME

This event takes place at Stone Barn Farm, Bar Harbor

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