August 23 Tuesday
7:00 pm—8:30 pm

Event Location:
Bagaduce Music, 49 South Street, Blue Hill, ME

Contact Info:
John Boit
Bagaduce Watershed Association


Cost: Free

Panel Discussion: Working Together to Make Things Happen: How Collaboration Benefits Conservation

with Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Blue Hill Heritage Trust, the Bagaduce Watershed Association, and Friends of Walker Pond

The newly restored fishway at Walker Pond.

On Tuesday, August 23, the Bagaduce Watershed Association and Friends of Walker Pond will host “Working Together to Make Things Happen: How Collaboration Benefits Conservation,” a panel discussion about ongoing efforts in local and statewide land protection.

The free event features a panel discussion with leadership from Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Blue Hill Heritage Trust about ongoing land conservation efforts on the Blue Hill peninsula and throughout Maine. 

The discussion will feature panelists Kate Stookey, President and CEO of Maine Coast Heritage Trust; Ciona Ulbrich, Senior Project Manager for Maine Coast Heritage Trust; and Hans Carlson, Executive Director of Blue Hill Heritage Trust. The panel discussion will be moderated by Jim Saltonstall, President of the Bagaduce Watershed Association.                      

Over the last 37 years, Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Blue Hill Heritage Trust have been working together, and with many other organizations and individuals, to restore the Bagaduce River watershed, making it the first fully restored watershed for fish passage in the entire state of Maine, and one of top fish restoration projects in the United States.

The work has included multiple parties and stakeholders coming together to protect land and water while expanding a vast trail network throughout the Blue Hill Peninsula. These successes are monuments to the power of collaboration, something that will be increasingly needed given the challenges of climate change, an influx of new residents to Maine, and increased development pressure in communities across the state.

“We are delighted to have this unique opportunity to convene the leadership from these incredible organizations so that people can learn more, ask questions, and provide their own feedback on how we can best protect and promote conservation in Maine in the face of unprecedented pressures,” said Jim Saltonstall, President of the Bagaduce Watershed Association. “The future challenges are daunting, and land trusts play a crucial role in ensuring that the natural beauty of Maine will be protected, open and accessible for generations to come.”

About the Bagaduce Watershed Association (BWA)

The Bagaduce Watershed Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that advocates for the responsible use of the river and its watershed, keeping members and the community involved through a quarterly newsletter. BWA is also working on developing educational opportunities for local school children. The watershed of the Bagaduce River extends into the towns of Penobscot, Sedgwick, Brooksville, Castine and Blue Hill. To learn more and to become a member, visit

About Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT)

MCHT is a dynamic, multifaceted organization with initiatives ranging from preserving coastal access for communities to high impact ecological work focused on reconnecting waterways and improving coastal resiliency to climate change. A leader in Maine’s nationally renowned land conservation efforts since 1970, MCHT maintains a growing network of almost 150 coastal and island preserves free and open to everyone and leads the 80-member Maine Land Trust Network to ensure that land conservation provides benefits to all Maine communities. Get involved at  

About Blue Hill Heritage Trust (BHHT)

BHHT is a nationally accredited nonprofit land conservation organization founded in 1985 by residents of the Blue Hill Peninsula. BHHT works to conserve the unique landscape of the Blue Hill peninsula and has protected nearly 12,000 acres to date. This land will be forever protected for its recreational, ecological, and historical importance, and used to bring our communities together. Learn more at

About Friends of Walker Pond (FWP)

Over the years, Friends of Walker Pond has funded, and continues to fund, projects that allow Walker Pond to remain one of the healthiest bodies of water in Maine. The group works with the towns of Brooksville and Sedgwick to ensure that members, area residents and summer guests are aware of the activities affecting the health and enjoyment of the pond. The group engages experts to test and monitor water quality every year and has done so for 20+ years. Friends of Walker Pond has also been active in raising awareness regarding land development that might have the potential to damage the health and environment of the pond.  This has all been done with donated funds and volunteer involvement. For more information, visit