A Virtual Tour of the Maine Coast

sponsored by the Piper Shores Coalition on the Natural Environment

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming presentation “A Virtual Tour of the Maine Coast.” Registration for this presentation is now closed. 

Join Maine Coast Heritage Trust for an exclusive presentation, sponsored by the Piper Shores CONE (Coalition on the Natural Environment) Group.

This presentation will be hosted online via ZOOM on May 13th at 3:30 p.m.

We’ll bring gorgeous pictures and stories of the Maine coast to the comfort of your room. After the presentation, Maine Coast Heritage Trust staff will answer your questions live.


WHEN: May 13 at 3:30 p.m. Log on at least 10 minutes prior.

HOW: After you register to virtually attend this presentation, we’ll send you an e-mail with a link, instructions on how to download ZOOM and participate, and more information.

WHERE: Maine Coast Heritage Trust will bring this presentation to you, in the comfort of your own room using videoconference software called “ZOOM.”

To participate, you’ll need a computer with an internet connection. You will need to know how to use a web-browser (Like Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer) and download software.

WHO: The presentation will feature:

  • Betsy Ham (Maine Coast Heritage Trust Director of Land Protection)
  • Jeremy Gabrielson (Senior Conservation and Community Planner)
  • Keith Fletcher (Project Manager, Southern Maine)
  • Ciona Ulbrich (Senior Project Manager, Eastern Midcoast)


If you are a Piper Shores Resident with questions about Life Enrichment or technical support, contact Tara Konieczko, Life Enrichment Manager at


How did this presentation come to be? Piper Shores hosted Maine Coast Heritage Trust President Tim Glidden for an in-person presentation last autumn. Both Tim and the participants enjoyed the presentation, and it was decided that a repeat would be appreciated. This spring, MCHT worked with Piper Shores and the resident group CONE to arrange such a presentation earlier, and in a virtual forum

Who/ what is CONE, and where can I get more information?

CONE stands for Coalition on the Natural Environment and it is a special interest group here at Piper Shores. Among other things, CONE hosts a speaker series every year for all of Piper Shores on issues concerning the environment and conservation. CONE is proud to co-sponsor this presentation with Maine Coast Heritage Trust!

How many can participate?

The first 100 registrants will be able to ask questions. Up to 10,000 participants can join us – so there will be room for everyone to appreciate and learn together.

I have heard about security issues with ZOOM. Is this safe?

We will be running a “tight ship” to ensure that this ZOOM meeting ONLY includes Piper Shores residents and MCHT staff. That is why we are asking everyone to pre-register before. On our end, we will be taking a number of other precautions (including requiring participants to use a password, a virtual waiting room, and a few other methods) to ensure that this presentation is as secure as possible.

What kind of computer do I need to participate?

Most newer Macs, PCs, and iPads can run ZOOM. Many iPhones and Android smartphones can also run ZOOM. If you’d like to be seen while you ask a question, you will need to have a web-camera. To ask a question, you use the built-in microphone on your computer.

Why do I have to register? And what will you do with my name and e-mail?

We are asking everyone to pre-register as a security process. We want to ensure this presentation ONLY includes Piper Shores residents. We will share a list of the participants with Piper Shores Management. You may choose to Opt-In to receive more information about MCHT, or CONE, or both.

What can I do to ensure the best performance?

Both the Apartments and the Residences should have fast enough internet to ensure decent performance, but keep in mind that the internet is being deluged with traffic. To give your presentation the best possible speed, consider using an Ethernet cable plugged directly into your modem or router, rather than using a wireless router. Mobile networks will probably not have enough bandwidth to run this presentation.

How can I ask questions during the presentation?

After approximately 1 hour of presentation, we’ll open up to questions. ZOOM has a feature that allows people to virtually “raise their hands” and be called on in order to ask questions and receive an answer live!

Does this cost anything?

No. This presentation is made available free of charge. Enjoy!


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