The Stone Barn Farm Project

After acquiring the iconic property in Bar Harbor, we’re caring for the old buildings and turning it into a public preserve. You can help! Every gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Updates to the barn and property are underway

The land is now protected and open to the public thanks to generous donors, but there’s still a lot of work to do to make the land more accessible, and to make the Stone Barn Farm Preserve an even greater community asset. 

“I’m often asked about what kind of events or programming we’re going to run out of the barn,” says regional stewardship manager Douglas McMullin. “The unfortunate reality is that until we can get the structure stabilized and safe, we can’t really make use of it.”

Here’s the good news: thanks to generous donors, in the summer of 2021 we began phase one of the project to update the barn.

To the average viewer, not much will change about the beloved Stone Barn. We’re committed to maintaining the old look of the barn as much as possible. The old red roof will be replaced with a new one and windows will be restored. Inside, the structure will be reinforced with steel and carpentry. 

We’re also working to improve parking at the preserve. The addition of a parking lot on an adjacent property, largely hidden from view from the road, will allow more people to enjoy the preserve, and create lovely and safe entryway to the preserve’s 128 acres. Construction on this important new feature began in the spring of 2022.

To complete the vision for the Stone Barn Farm preserve, we still have over $500,000 left to raise. Thanks to a generous donor, every gift made to the project will be matched and every gift, large or small, moves us in the right direction.

Give Today AND Your Gift will be matched!

A new community gathering place

In addition to structural improvements, we’re excited by the potential for programming at the preserve. In the spring of 2022, Renee Duncan joined MCHT’s staff at Stone Barn Farm Community Outreach Coordinator. She will be working with partners and community members to develop programming on the preserve. There are lots of possibilities! In addition to community gardens, we can imagine a host of other activities the Stone Barn Farm would be perfect for—including seasonal gatherings, night-sky viewings, nature walks, educational field trips, and more.

“I’m excited about the possibilities for engaging local kids and families and other local folks in new and creative ways.” says Douglas.

Want to take a tour with Douglas? Check out the video below!

Give to the Stone Barn Farm Preserve

Every donation to the preserve counts and will be matched dollar for dollar. We’ll put your gift right to work to care for the Stone Barn Farm Preserve—including its beloved buildings—and to make this place a one-of-a-kind community asset.

Thank you for making a gift today!

Give Today AND Your Gift will be matched!

Making a gift by check is always an option. Make checks payable to Maine Coast Heritage Trust and write “Stone Barn Farm” in the subject line. Please send to this address: Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 1 Bowdoin Mill Island, Suite 201, Topsham, ME 04086. Thank you!


Regarding ongoing fundraising for stewardship and programming contact:

Misha Mytar
Land Protection Project Manager
Maine Coast Heritage Trust
P.O. Box 669
Mount Desert, ME 04660
(207) 244 – 5100

Regarding management of the preserve contact:

Douglas McMullin
Regional Stewardship Manager
Maine Coast Heritage Trust
P.O. Box 669
Mount Desert, ME 04660
(207) 244 – 5100