The Great Gathering on Malaga Island

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 Read below to learn more about this empowering event uniting Malaga Island descendants and their community to reclaim the narrative and pave the path toward healing.

Malaga Horizontal

Organized by the collaborative efforts of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial, Indigenous, and Tribal Populations, The Maine State Archives, and Maine Coast Heritage Trust, this gathering is designed to:

Amplify the voices of Malaga Island descendants, empowering them to shape how their families’ stories are told.

Provide a platform for descendants and advocates to share their hopes and visions for the future.

Foster connections and understanding among descendants and local residents, creating a supportive community for healing and growth.

Commemorate Malaga Island’s inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places as a milestone in reclaiming its true history.

Raise public awareness and understanding of the injustices faced by Malaga Island residents and their descendants.

Join us in honoring the resilience of Malaga Island descendants as they reclaim the narrative and build a future rooted in healing and justice.

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