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Conservation Land for Sale

Every so often, MCHT acquires a unique property that is suitable for development if restrictions are in place to protect any significant conservation values.

When projects like this come to us, we sometimes acquire the land, conserve the property to ensure that important wildlife habitat or community values are protected and then resell the property allowing for development away from these significant resources.

This allows us to conserve the property while keeping it on the tax rolls and regain some funding from a sale to be put back into conservation, stretching our conservation dollars. We often refer to such a project as a “buy, restrict, sell” conservation transaction.

Below are some examples of current and past “buy, restrict, sell” conservation properties.

Properties for sale

There are no properties for sale at this time. Please check back in!

Properties sold

Long Cove Coakley

MCHT worked with the Conservation Limited Development LLC* to sell a property protected by a conservation easement—a legal agreement restricting development.

Conservation Limited Development, LLC purchased the property in 2012 with the intention to conserve the shoreline and forest and resell the property. MCHT acquired a permanent conservation easement on the property protecting all of the shorefront and 24 of the property’s 35 acres, while allowing for building away from the shore and near the road frontage. The property sold to new owners in 2020.

Through this unique conservation project, a buyer was able to get their small slice of secluded Maine and, at the same time, the most ecologically significant area of the property was protected from future development. Proceeds from the sale offset the costs of this important conservation effort. A win-win-win!

*Conservation Limited Development, LLC (CLD) is a subsidiary of Maine Coast Heritage Trust. CLD can step in at times when MCHT or partners may not be able to—for example to achieve dual conservation and development outcomes or when a property must be purchased quickly and conservation outcomes are not fully planned or certain.