Conservation Land for Sale

Every so often, MCHT acquires a unique property that is partially developed while also having significant conservation values.

When projects like this come to us, we sometimes purchase the land, conserve the most significant portion, and then resell the portion that is already developed. This allows us to conserve the property and regain some funding from a sale to be put back into conservation, stretching our conservation dollars.

MCHT is working to sell a buildable conservation easement property with 35 acres and 500 feet of shoreline on pristine Long Cove in Pembroke. This property on Leighton Point Road abuts two other conserved properties and is part of a focused area of conservation, totaling almost 1,000 contiguous acres on Long Cove, Schooner Cove, and dramatic Reversing Falls.

Conservation Limited Development, LLC purchased the property in 2012 with the intention to conserve the shoreline and forest and resell the property. Ten acres of this property on Leighton Point Road are not under the conservation easement. 35 of the 36 acres are under Treegrowth tax classification, leaving a 1-acre building site, location to be determined. A house built somewhere on the unrestricted 10-acre area would likely have a distant water view. A trail winds through the mossy forest to the bold shoreline on Long Cove where no other houses can be seen.

View the listing here. Please contact Russell DeConti, the listing broker – or contact MCHT Project Manager Patrick Watson,  207-801-4052 if you are interested in purchasing the cabin.

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