Shae Ducker

Land Protection Assistant, Mount Desert Island

Department: Land Protection
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“Growing up in Maine I took for granted the abundance of natural spaces to get lost in. I loved being able to wander through the woods on imagined adventures, discovering game trails, glacial erratics, and old stone walls. As a child I had a sense that forests belonged to everyone and that they would always be here. Of course, I discovered that the world doesn’t really work that way and that too often wild spaces are carved up, cleared and built upon (In real estate they call it ‘improved’ land but, I’m not so convinced). Our work in land conservation is important because we help protect those natural places. I want everyone to be able to feel that they live in an open and wild world, rather than a world of fenced off one-acre blocks and concrete paths.”

Shae provides GIS, GPS and administrative support for the Lands Protection department on MDI. She works with lands staff to create maps, collect data, research land-use histories and produce documentation for conservation easements and land acquisitions.