Karin Marchetti

General Counsel

Department: Executive

“I’m a refugee from Boston, where, as a child, I developed an appreciation of nearby beaches, marshes, dunes, and lakeshores. Even before moving to Maine as a college student, I saw that crowding and development could harm these precious places. Coming to Maine was like being given a reset button. Maine feeds my soul and helping to keep it unspoiled and accessible is a great privilege.”

Karin Marchetti is MCHT’s General Counsel, a position she has held since 1985. She graduated University of Maine School of Law in 1978, and was Associate City Attorney for Portland and a Peace Corps volunteer in Tunisia before coming to MCHT. She is co-author of the Conservation Easement Handbook, 2005, LTA. She serves on the Claims Committee of Terrafirma – the land trust conservation defense insurance carrier. She founded the Maine Land Conservation Attorneys Network at MCHT, and presents frequently on conservation easement law. In addition to MCHT, she has represented land trusts and government as principal of Land Conservation Legal Services since 1992.