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Frank Cangelosi

GIS Associate

Department: Land Protection
Region: Midcoast
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I have been involved with GIS for over 25 years. Much of my professional career has been in leadership positions within local and county government and has involved GIS operations management and project management. After receiving a BA in Geography & Anthropology from the University of Southern Maine and attending the Muskie School of Public Service for graduate studies, my family and I relocated to the Dallas/Ft Worth metropolitan area to pursue a business opportunity. After 20 years in DFW, we had the opportunity to move back to Maine after becoming “empty nesters”. I am grateful every day to have the abundant outdoor recreational activities of Maine available to me daily, during every season.

Frank & his wife Michaelanne live in the south end of Rockland with their German Shepherd pup, Arlo.

Frank has been with MCHT since 2022.

On Land Conservation: As an avid hiker and long-distance backpacker, I have found myself in some very remote areas. To be in a place where there are no roads to be seen, traffic to be heard, or light pollution to mask the night sky is a magical experience.  This is an experience that, unfortunately, is becoming harder to find with each passing day as urban and suburban land use expands into more rural and natural areas.  Working for an organization whose purpose is to conserve these beautiful places [while balancing the needs of our communities] is fulfilling, inspiring, and gives me hope that future generations may still be able to experience the tranquility and beauty of our natural environment.

On The Job: As the GIS Associate for MCHT, I assist the Land Protection and Stewardship departments with GIS related tasks and projects such as map production, data development/collection, and web application development.