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Andrew Deci

Southern Maine Regional Steward

Department: Stewardship
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Andrew (he/him) grew up between the mountains in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where he played in and along winding creeks, hopped over cow patties, and hid from friends within the cedars. Since then, Andrew has had a variety of experiences, always integrating the outside into his life; among other things, he worked as an archaeologist and architectural historian, exploring and researching people’s pre-historic and historic habitation of the land; worked in local government for fifteen years as a town and community planner in Bath and Topsham (Maine), as well as Spotsylvania County, Virginia, where he advocated for active transportation projects and providing quality public spaces for all; and—for one weekend—worked as a member of the SpamMobile crew, handing out spamburger ‘spam’ples at a county fair! He lives with his daughter in Topsham, Maine

Andrew has been with MCHT since 2022. His specialties include trail building and maintenance, cultural resources, and land use and community planning.

On land conservation: “The commodification of land and the resources in and on it has led to a perverse relationship between people and the things we need to survive. Land conservation removes land from the capital market and allows for the stewardship necessary to make sure that we all can survive into the future, without consideration of economic value.”

On the job: Andrew joined the MCHT team in 2022 as the Southern Maine Regional Land Steward, where he is the caretaker for several Casco Bay islands, Malaga Island in the New Meadows River, access properties, and two mainland preserves. His responsibilities are varied, including monitoring for and eliminating invasive species, connecting the public with the land through the development and support of public programming and curatorship of experience, building and maintaining trails, and learning as much as he can about the special places he is lucky to advocate for.

He is particularly happy to be reconnecting indigenous caretakers to their lands throughout the coast and re-affirming the right relationship of humanity and the environment.


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