Amanda Devine

Regional Steward Manager

Department: Stewardship
Region: Southern Maine
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Amanda Devine originally hails from the marshy shores of Chesapeake Bay, but you’d be hard pressed to find her anywhere below 43 degrees North (or South) latitude these days. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bates College, Amanda spent several years as a naturalist and guide in Denali National Park, Alaska. Bookended by summers in the subarctic, Amanda earned a Master of Science in Botany from the University of Vermont’s Field Naturalist Program, where she focused on carbon cycling in the aftermath of forest fire. She returned to Maine in 2007. Amanda has since become passionate about science-based management of coastal Maine’s natural resources and helping to maintain the quality of life in the place she has come to call home.

Amanda has been with MCHT since 2010.

On land conservation: “I was drawn to this work out of a love for wildlife and native plants, and while that’s still crucial, I’m also motivated by inviting people to love MCHT land. Building trails, putting up a welcome sign, restoring degraded landscapes—these are all aspects of my job that I love.”

On the job: Amanda stewards MCHT properties in Midcoast Maine, including Muscongus and western Penobscot Bays. A botanist by training, her specialties include invasive terrestrial plant management. She drafts MCHT’s preserve management plans, and has become fairly handy at demolishing structures on islands.