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Adam Pereira

Midcoast Project Manager

Department: Land Protection
Region: Midcoast
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Adam Pereira was born in Virginia and received an undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech before living in Texas, Arizona, Utah, and then Wisconsin where he received a Master’s in Environmental Conservation, focused on the intersection between large landscape conservation and private lands.

After graduate school, Adam worked for a consortium in Oregon and Washington, the Cascades to Coast Landscape Collaborative, developing different planning tools, including a tool that helped landowners discover and sort through conservation incentive programs that might be available to them at the local, state, and federal level. Before beginning work at MCHT, Adam was with Royal River Conservation Trust for several years as their Conservation Director, planning and protecting land in the Royal River watershed.

Adam found his way to Maine when he met his partner, Emma, on the Appalachian Trail. They hiked to Maine, where she’s from, and have been together ever since. They now live in Topsham with their dog, Maize. When not in the office or visiting landowners, Adam enjoys walking and running through the Maine landscape and is now learning how to canoe (tips appreciated!) on Maine’s many beautiful bodies of water.

Adam has worked at MCHT since 2023.

On land conservation: Today, we are at a critical juncture with the convergence of biodiversity loss and climate change impacts. Land conservation allows us to keep, enhance, and experience intact healthy lands and waters for the benefit of people, plants and animals. Our responsibility is to leave this world, and our coast, a better place for future generations.

On the job: As the Midcoast Project Manager, Adam works on land protection projects along the Midcoast, from Merrymeeting Bay to Camden, including North Haven, Vinalhaven, and Islesboro. Working alongside landowners, communities, and conservation partners, Adam identifies and protects lands that benefit the people, ecology, and climate resilience of Maine’s Midcoast.





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