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Southern Maine

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Kimberly Carpenter

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Danielle Arroyo

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Rosa Schuchert

“I am so proud to be working for an organization whose mission is to preserve this land for generations to come.”


Angela Twitchell

“I was incredibly lucky to grow up in Maine in a family that valued time spent outdoors. Countless family memories center around fishing, canoeing, swimming, snowmobiling, and hiking. My heart is grounded in a deep connection to the woods, farms, coastline, and waters of Maine. As a grew up and beloved outdoor spaces, farms, and trails were developed and no trespassing signs became commonplace, I knew I wanted to work to protect Maine’s natural areas and access to them for everyone.”

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Jeff Brazee

I believe the ability to get out in the natural world is important not only for my family, but for everyone regardless of their background or circumstances.

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Amanda Devine

“I was drawn to this work out of a love for wildlife and native plants, and while that’s still crucial, I’m also motivated by inviting people to love MCHT land. Building trails, putting up a welcome sign, restoring degraded landscapes—these are all aspects of my job that I love.”

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Caitlin Gerber

“Land conservation protects what people love and enjoy about Maine—and sometimes they don’t even realize it. The happiness, fulfillment, and peace that comes with taking a trip out to an island or walking a coastal trail is essential. I see it first-hand: time in nature brings out the kindness in people.”

Caitlin monitors many of the conservation easements that Maine Coast Heritage Trust holds in Midcoast and Southern Maine.

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Keith Fletcher

“I grew up in a suburb with an astounding lack of parkland. Thorny woods and an often-smelly crick were the best places for us kids to play, but those early encounters with nature stayed with me. I want to make sure southern Maine develops in such a way that we still have amazing places for kids and adults to visit, and also room for the moose, bear, and bobcat.”