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Joelle Albury

“Sometimes the impact we make can be difficult to measure, but when I help deliver boxes of produce to Come Spring Food Pantry the impact of MCHT’s work is undeniable.”

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Emily Marshall

“For me, land conservation is about natural resource sovereignty and land justice. Protecting, stewarding, and holding these places and resources in common and in perpetuity.”

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Eliza Stinneford

“I grew up playing in the undeveloped forest behind my house, this freedom to learn and explore helped shape my childhood. The work we do in land conservation ensures that these sorts of places will be around for future generations to experience and enjoy as well.” 

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Kevin Walter

“I started working on a dairy farm when I was 14. It’s great to see kids at Aldermere learning about hard work and how to do things around a farm. So many don’t know where their meat comes from, or their milk; it’s very helpful for people in the area to come here and see how it all works.”

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Amanda Devine

“I was drawn to this work out of a love for wildlife and native plants, and while that’s still crucial, I’m also motivated by inviting people to love MCHT land. Building trails, putting up a welcome sign, restoring degraded landscapes—these are all aspects of my job that I love.”

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Caleb Jackson

“I grew up in a house surrounded by undeveloped forest. By the time I graduated high school the road was three lanes wide and there were shoddily built houses up and down the street. It is sad to see a thriving landscape get flattened and chewed up by sprawl. I want to work against that trend.”


Aaron Englander

“Working with young people, I see the impact of MCHT’s work on a daily basis—when a teenager asks why something grows a certain way, or how a bee finds a flower. My hope is that this engagement with nature is the beginning of a life-long respect for the earth.”

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Kirk Gentalen

“I love it when someone comes up to me and tells me about something they observed or enjoyed on a preserve. I mean, not only do we protect incredibly beautiful, serene places for mushrooms and slime molds—we do it for people, too!”