Frank Wilson


Nolan Altvater


Kyle Koch

“To me, land conservation is all about balance between community recreation, sustainable economic growth, and space for our ecosystems to thrive.”


Trevor Herrick

“I am proud to be a part of retaining access for hikers, anglers, clammers, swimmers, explorers, boaters, and nature lovers.”


Robert McLintock


Renee Duncan

“I’m trying to kindle and nourish that little spark we feel when exploring a place—like the Stone Barn Farm—that illuminates the values and work of those who have cared for it across the generations.”


Joe Taft

To me, land conservation is about balancing human activity with sustainability.


Tatia Bauer

Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop a strong sense of place with the natural world.

Andrew 2

Andrew Deci

“Regardless of if you’re looking through a natural, cultural, social, or economic lens, the public benefits are too many and special places are too few, for us not to protect and provide public access for the future.”


Kyle Winslow

“Ever since I was a kid I felt at home in the outdoors. Growing up in rural Maine, the rivers and trees were our playground, and the streams and woods inspired our imaginations. Fishing, hunting, hiking, and exploring helped shape who I am, and I am so grateful to be working in a field that allows me to help protect and care for the resources that I have such a personal connection to.”


Deirdre Whitehead

“To hear from a young Passamaquoddy Tribal member that to be on the land allows the Tribal legends and stories from that place to be alive in the 21st century is very meaningful. I go to sleep at night knowing that this will be so for the future generations.”


Jane Arbuckle

To be on the water in a thunderstorm, or to happen upon a perfect cove lined with smooth granite shoreline—for a lot of us, those are the moments that fill us up.


Joelle Albury

“Sometimes the impact we make can be difficult to measure, but when I help deliver boxes of produce to Come Spring Food Pantry the impact of MCHT’s work is undeniable.”


Emily Marshall

“For me, land conservation is about natural resource sovereignty and land justice. Protecting, stewarding, and holding these places and resources in common and in perpetuity.”


Kirk Gentalen

“I love it when someone comes up to me and tells me about something they observed or enjoyed on a preserve. I mean, not only do we protect incredibly beautiful, serene places for mushrooms and slime molds—we do it for people, too!”


Melissa Lee

“Land and silence and the peace of the woods and the water are healing and restorative in an ever-crazier world. Conserved lands help us help ourselves.”