Anna Parker

“I spent much of my childhood exploring the acres of untouched forests, marshes, and streams that characterize New England—a testament to conservation efforts by organizations like MCHT.”


Julie Kravetz

“Maine’s conservation efforts resonate so strongly with Mainers and I am glad to be a part of that.”


Ryan Pelletier

“I have experienced the transformative affect of outdoor pursuits and seen how it changes people and offers new perspectives. Conservation creates opportunities for these impactful experiences and I want my daughter, and all people, to have access to those opportunities.”


Seth Levy

“I treasure the opportunity to empower people to protect the special places that made me who I am.”


David Warren

“Feeling so fortunate for having grown up with a small piece of the Maine coast in my family, I love helping ensure that people will have places where they can experience the beauty and restorative nature of this magical spot on the planet.”


Nicky Blanchard

“Whether I am next to the ocean or deep in the woods, I always feel the same sense of relief, peace, and clarity from being connected to the natural landscape.”

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Charlene Swift

“Climate change impact and access to the water for work, food, and play are just some of many reasons why I believe we need to protect coastal land.”


Ceci Danforth

“I spent a lot of time outdoors when I was growing up and I raised my kids the same way. To me, land conservation means sharing and preserving our outdoor spaces. Whether you find tranquility and solitude there or make your living on the coast, we all have to work to protect the clean and uncluttered places.”


Kristen Eaton

“I’m a Maine girl! I grew up in Ellsworth, close to Acadia National Park, and spent most of childhood on Deer Isle with my family. I know how spectacular this coast is and am grateful to be able to call it home. I enjoy playing outside with my family and friends every chance I get and love that my work helps ensure everyone can do the same.”


Sarah Hale

“My well-being arises from my connections to people and the natural world. Walking at Thorne Head, swimming to Crow Island, paddling with my partner, boogie boarding with my kids—all wake me up to the preciousness of life. Land trusts in Maine create opportunities for these connections to thrive and for qualities like wonder, awe, humility and compassion to inform the way I move through the world.”


Sophie Nelson

Conservation makes all of our lives richer.

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Kaileigh Sweeney

I’ve always been interested in people’s relationship to place and the natural world, how natural lands—and our access to them—shape us and vice versa.