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2023 Donor Survey Presidents Circle

image1Thank you in advance for participating in our survey.  Your honest feedback is incredibly valuable and will help us better understand how we can best engage MCHT supporters like you. 

AND, by filling out this survey you’ll be entered for a chance to win newly designed MCHT goodies including a t-shirt, hat, blanket, and coffee mug! 

2023 Donor Survey Presidents Circle
1 not likely, 10 very likely
In the past year, have you recommend MCHT to someone outside your household?
1 not difference, 10 we are making a difference
Where does MCHT rank in terms of importance to you compared to all the causes you support?
1 not great, 10 good
Do you follow MCHT on social media?
Is there a social media space your wish MCHT was on, but isn’t?
Would you like to receive text messages for MCHT about upcoming events and good news about the work you’re making possible?
by providing your cell phone #, you’re agreeing to receiving text messages from Maine Coast Heritage Trust. You can stop at any time.
1 not valued, 10 very valued
1 not connected at all – 10 very connected
1 do not care about benefits, 10 great benefits
1 not satisfied, 10 very satisfied
What are your preferred methods of hearing from us?
If you had to choose, which do you think best reflects your reason for supporting MCHT?