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The Norumbega Society

How to Join the Norumbega Society

The following types of commitments, confirmed in writing, whether confidentially or by public name, qualify for Norumbega Society membership:

  • A bequest
  • Life income gifts, such as a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity
  • A charitable lead trust
  • A gift or assignment of qualified retirement assets, such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b)
  • A gift of life insurance or the designation of future life insurance proceeds
  • Certain other planned gifts
  • Gifts of land or conservation easements

If a donor has made a qualified commitment and MCHT is unaware, please let us know. We acknowledge and respect those who wish to be anonymous and promise to protect anonymity. For those willing to be named, we are equally grateful for the intended support, and we will treat all giving information confidentially. It is not the intent of the Norumbega Society at any time to divulge either the amount of a member's intended commitment or its form. Should MCHT at any time contemplate publishing a list of Norumbega Society members, it will not list individual member names without the express written approval of each individual member.


On his 1529 map of America, the Italian explorer, Girolamo da Verrazano, labeled the unexplored areas south of Nova Scotia as Oranbega, a world of unknown origin evoking a land of untold riches.

By the mid-sixteenth century, Oranbega had become Norumbega, a legendary settlement in the coastal area we now call Maine. French explorer, Jean Allefonsce, reported finding a great river, “more than 40 leagues wide at its entrance… full of islands, which stretch some ten or twelve leagues into the sea… within the river there is a town called Norumbega with clever inhabitants…The land of Norumbega lies high and is well situated." It gained a reputation as a lush city of riches and mysticism and the legend lasted well into the 18thcentury. The idea of the mythical land called Norumbega captures the mystery and beauty of the Maine coast.

Reflecting the legacy of this mystical name, its historic connection to Maine's coast, and the aspiration for strength, prosperity and security its name implies, MCHT's Board of Directors established the Norumbega Society in 2008 to recognize and honor those who have committed to sustaining Maine Coast Heritage Trust's long–term mission by including MCHT in their estate plans by will, gifts of land and conservation easements, and other planned gifts.

Benefits of a Norumbega Membership

In an effort to honor current and future investments in MCHT, we have chosen a few simple ways to recognize Norumbega Members.

  • Each new member will receive a certificate of appreciation signed by MCHT's Board Chair and President, as well as a handsome lapel pin that we hope will be worn with pride.
  • Respecting the special commitment made by Norumbega Members, MCHT's President will provide twice yearly a personal “insiders" report shared only with key supporters. The content will include strategic considerations under review, projects under way, critical questions being explored, recent successes, and other appropriate information for philanthropic leaders.
  • While MCHT continues to provide regular trips and tours for all members, each year there will be a small number of such trips and tours organized exclusively for leadership benefactors in the Norumbega Society and the President's Circle, which honors leadership annual donors.
  • Lastly, all Norumbega Society members receive timely information, tips and on-going professional gift planning services from MCHT.

Norumbega Membership Form

Please click here to join the Norumbega Society by completing this form. Please print and return it in an envelope addressed CONFIDENTIALLY to:

Tim Glidden
Maine Coast Heritage Trust
1 Bowdoin Mill Island, Suite 201
Topsham, Maine 04086