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Pond Island (Frenchboro)


The 241-acre Pond Island Preserve, which includes the diminutive Lamp Island, encompasses the most northern island of an archipelago in the southwest corner of Blue Hill Bay. The archipelago consists of Black, Opechee, Sheep, Eagle and Johns Islands, all on Casco Passage, as well as Eagle and Sheep Islands.

Generously donated to MCHT in 2014, Pond Island has been a popular destination for centuries and once was home to year round residents. Today, the only remnants of earlier human habitation that still exist are the foundations of an old barn and house on the south end of the island.

Most of the island is covered by a spruce-fir forest, with open meadows on the south end and marshes on the north end. However, it is Pond Island’s expansive beaches that are its most alluring feature. Visitors can enjoy picnicking, exploring, and camping while marveling at spectacular views from the mountains of Acadia to the seemingly endless string of islands leading to Isle au Haut.

The island’s shoreline ledges and cobble beaches afford easy walking. A short path also leads from the south shore up through the meadow to an old homestead site with beautiful views of surrounding islands. Currently, there is one camp site available for overnight use, but MCHT will be developing additional sites in the future. Due to its fragile nature, please stay off of Lamp Island and enjoy it from a distance.

How to Get There

Pond Island is accessed by private boat only. Nearest mainland boat launch sites are Bass Harbor and Seal Cove on the eastern side of Blue Hill Bay, Blue Hill Harbor and East Blue Hill Falls on the north of Blue Hill Bay, and Naskeag Point in western Blue Hill Bay. There are numerous sites that provide good anchoring. Look for spots in the lee.

Preserve information/guidelines

  • Camp At Established Campsite (see map)
    • Limit Stay to 2 Nights
    • Commercial Users by Permission Only. Please call 207-729-7366.
  • Fires By Permit Only - Maine State Law ◦
    • Contact Maine Forest Service at 1-800-750-9777 for permit
    • Keep All Fires Below High Tide Line – Do Not Build Fire Rings
    • Do Not Cut or Break Tree Limbs, Dead or Alive
    • Leave No Fire Unattended
    • Completely Extinguish All Fires
  • Carry Out All Trash
    • Including Human and Pet Waste and Toilet Paper
  • Keep Pets Under Strict Voice or Leash Control
  • Do Not Remove Archaeological Artifacts