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Harriman Point

Mother and child look out from Harriman Point

This 138-acre preserve comprises the majority of Harriman Point, a scenic peninsula in Brooklin. Harriman Point boasts spectacular views from the shore east across Blue Hill Bay to the summits of Mount Desert Island and west across Allen Cove to the former residence of E.B. White. With roughly two miles of shoreline, the preserve contains the largest continuous stretch of coastline open to the public on the Blue Hill Peninsula.

Evidence of Harriman Point’s history, dating back to the late eighteenth century, can be seen in foundations and stonewalls that still remain. The peninsula was settled by the Harriman family in 1795. Today, the point is largely wooded, but also contains forested wetlands, saltmarshes and a 1.3-acre bog. However, Harriman Point’s most notable features are its shell and gravel beaches along its eastern shore.

Follow the access trail from the parking lot on Harriman Point Road. The trail leads you across private property to the entrance of the preserve. Here, an old woods road brings you north to an open field and former home site of the Harriman family, one mile from the parking area. From the old homestead two trails branch off, each leading a quarter mile: one to the eastern shore and the other to the northwestern shore. In addition to scenic views, Harriman Point is a wonderful destination for wildlife observation, especially for birdwatchers during spring and fall migration.

How to Get There

From the junction of Routes 172 and 175, south of Blue Hill, follow Route 175 toward Brooklin. Continue 7.5 miles and then turn left onto Harriman Point Road. Drive 0.5 mile to the parking lot on the right. The town generously granted MCHT an easement for this parking lot. To access the preserve from the parking lot follow the trail across the street. Please respect the privacy of our preserve neighbors by staying on the designated path and parking only in the designated parking area.

---------- Preserve Boundary

Download a printable preserve map (PDF)

  • Please Respect the Privacy of Preserve Neighbors
  • No parking on Tinkers Lane
  • No Camping permitted
  • No fires permitted
  • Carry Out All Trash
    • Including Human and Pet Waste and Toilet Paper
  • Keep Pets Under Strict Voice or Leash Control
  • Do Not Remove Archaeological Artifacts