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  • I’m an Amanita Man

    Who else is digging (ha!) all the mushrooms to be found in Maine this fall? MCHT Land Steward and mushroom lover Kirk Gentalen shares his fungal adventures from the midcoast. Learn something new about mushrooms with “looks that kill” and have a laugh while you’re at it…

  • Douglas’s Picks: Where to go on MDI this Fall

    Temperatures are dropping, roads are clearing of summer traffic. If you’re anything like MCHT steward Douglas McMullin, who lives on MDI, you’ve got mountains on the mind—empty trails along the coast, and quiet paddles to unpeopled islands…

  • Land Stewardship: Seeing the Bigger Picture on a Hot, Humid Day

    When a young volunteer asks MCHT Conservation Intern Matthew Brewer, “What made you want to all this yard work anyways?” he digs deep for the answer. Land stewardship adds up to so much more than the sum of its parts—though sometimes, on a hot, humid day, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees.

  • The Summer Sail I’ll Never Forget

    Tim Glidden, President of Maine Coast Heritage Trust, says conservation is about more than protecting land—it’s about holding open the door to experiences in nature that shape and connect us across time.

  • I Had No Idea: It Takes a Community to Keep a Land Trust Running

    I thought my biggest lesson of the summer would be related to building trails or learning how to operate tools I hadn’t used before. I had no idea that my appreciation for land trusts would grow significantly—not only from learning about the stewardship aspect, but the community aspect as well.

  • Experience the Moody Beauty of Muscongus Bay

    Working along Maine’s nearly 5,000 miles of shoreline, we get to know the unique character of every bay. Muscongus, between John’s Bay and Penobscot Bay, is especially mercurial.

  • Learning Something New Every Day

    On my first day on the job at Coastal Mountains Land Trust in Camden, after shaking hands with everyone in the office, I hopped in the truck with another intern, Max, and we sped off to the hardware store appointed with the task of purchasing roofing shingles. That’s right, roofing shingles…

  • An Artist, a Letter & an Island

    If Maine Coast Heritage Trust can raise the rest of the funds to acquire Monroe Island in Owls Head and turn it into a public preserve, it will forever remain one of the largest undeveloped islands in the region. Just a short distance from an MCHT preserve on the mainland, this is about as accessible as islands get—and MCHT is working with the town of Owls Head to make it even more so.

  • Get Out On the Water & Into the Natural World of Vinalhaven

    Think you need a boat of your own to get to Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s island preserves? Well, think again. For example, Vinalhaven, the largest and most populated island in Penobscot Bay, is a 75-minute ferry ride from the mainland and offers expansive preserves and undeveloped islands for exploration—plus a peek into life on an unbridged island.

  • An Open Letter to Future Land Stewards

    “I applied for Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s Conservation Internship thinking that this experience was going to be something that I would be very comfortable with and do with ease. But in the first week working at Mahoosuc Land Trust, I realized that I had a lot to learn.”

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