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Initiative for The Goslings

Protect The Goslings Now

Your support will help save these beloved islands in Casco Bay!

For decades, people of all ages and from all walks of life have enjoyed the Goslings Islands in Harpswell. These undeveloped jewels, with easy anchorages and many fine beaches, have long been a favorite destination in Casco Bay. With your help, Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) can ensure that this beautiful spot in the heart of Casco Bay remains open to the public forever. The current owners have given MCHT until September to raise enough money to purchase the islands for conservation.

MCHT must raise $925,000 by September 2014.


Just three miles from the Mere Point public boat launch, The Goslings are a favorite destination for Casco Bay boaters and paddlers. These undeveloped islands feature beautiful beaches, mature forests, and one of the finest anchorages in the Bay. The landowners hope to sell the islands to MCHT to both conserve them and ensure that the tradition of public recreation they have voluntarily granted for decades will continue under new ownership.


In addition to selling the islands to MCHT, the family will donate nearby Irony Island to the Trust. As part of this project, a landowner on Lower Goose Island, just northwest of The Goslings, will donate a conservation easement on 44 more acres, creating a hub of conserved land available for public enjoyment in this beloved part of Casco Bay.

The Goslings are part of a larger effort by MCHT and our partners to preserve islands in Casco Bay. Many Mainers live only minutes from Casco Bay and many of these islands can be visited by small boats. But these island gems, including the Goslings, could pass to private owners who do not welcome public use, or who want to develop the islands and put up 'no trespassing' signs.

Your support will be essential to the success of this campaign! We hope you will join us today by making a gift--ensuring visitors will continue to enjoy The Goslings forever.

For more information about this project and how you can help, please contact Nicole Connelly at

Download a printable PDF summary of this project.